Classic Highway Car Avoidance Game Download Source Code In Free

Classic Highway Car Avoidance Game Download Source Code In Free

This is a native Android Highway Car Avoidance Game. The aim of the player is to tilt his device to steer away from the incoming vehicles. The game also includes checkpoints which the player can catch for extra points and a handy boost function for those players that are hard to trill.

The game can be edited however you wish. Feel free to add any type of different vehicles, trees, stones or logos of your company on the road.

Comes ready with AdMob!

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  1. Includes AdMob – Make money from Ads easily.
  2. 22 Different Sprites Included – All sprites have their .ai or .psd file included for easy editing.
  3. Infinite Playing time – The cars and objects can keep on generating as long as you like them to.
  4. Pause Feature – Player can pause game during gameplay.
  5. Video Tutorial Included – A 4:30 minutes narrated video tutorial is included for a quick start.
  6. Top 10 High Scores – The game saves the top 10 High Scores on the user’s Device.
  7. Uses Accelerometer – The device inbuilt accelerometer is used to detect tilting and move the plane.
  8. Calibrate feature – A calibrate allows your users to calibrate the flat position according to their device.
  9. Music and sound – Game comes with music and Audio features. Player can choose to turn off all sound.


  1. Version 2 – Updated app to use the new Google Services Ads
  2. Version 3 – Updated app to support Android Studio. Now, the package contains an Eclipse version and an Android Studio Version.
  3. Version 4 – Updated app to support latest Android Studio & Android 29, Removed Eclipse version, enabled non-personalised ads by default for GDPR, updated Admob library, added online documentation

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