Some celebrities seem famous despite themselves. They may be talented, but they aren’t necessarily beloved. Some celebrities, though, are not just great at their craft but are also delightful. They are the celebrities we wish we were friends with. It’s always a joy to see them pop up, either in a movie or on a talk show or even on social media. Here are some of America’s most beloved celebrities.

Tom Hanks

Who could play a beloved celebrity but a beloved celebrity? Hanks is getting Oscar buzz for his upcoming turn as Mr. Rogers, the children’s TV icon. It’s perfect casting because everybody already loved Hanks, a great actor who is almost always charming. 

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Betty White

White has been a national treasure for decades at this point. She’s been on TV since the ‘50s, including hit turns in shows like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Golden Girls.” Several years ago, a movement was started to get White to host “Saturday Night Live.” That’s the power of Betty White. 

Brad Pitt

Some tabloid folks, and Jennifer Aniston fans, may not love Pitt, but plenty of people do. It’s not just for his shirtless scene in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…” either. He’s a great actor, but not all great actors are necessarily beloved. People seem to like Pitt by and large, though — and have since he broke through in “Thelma and Louise.”

Taylor Swift

Swift has her naysayers, of course, and not just Kanye West. Nobody is universally popular. Yet the pop star has not just a ton of fans but also a gaggle of SUPER devoted fans. That overpowers the folks who aren’t as into her to get her on this list.

Dick Van Dyke

Much like White, Van Dyke has been adored for decades. In addition to his acting turns, the song-and-dance man just seems like a delight. Anytime he shows up on TV, he seems so nice and friendly. The guy has had a barbershop quartet for years. That’s simply charming. 


Beyonce has taken the throne from Madonna as the mononymous Queen of Pop. There is less controversy to be found with Beyonce though. Her Beyhive legion of fans are devoted to her to such a level she almost has a cult at her disposal — not that she wants one. Beyonce seems more benevolent than that, although “Lemonade” definitely makes us want to stay on her good side.

Conan O’Brien

Jimmy Fallon has his detractors for him not being political enough, while Stephen Colbert may be too political to be beloved by a super-wide audience (though we think he’s great). Let’s not forget the late-night lifer over on TBS, though. O’Brien has been a late-night host for over 25 years at this point. He’s built a huge fan base that has followed him from time slot to time slot and from channel to channel. O’Brien is so popular that when he started a podcast, it immediately became one of the most popular shows in the world.  

Sandra Bullock

The concept of the movie star is changing. There aren’t as many of them as there used to be, but we feel like Bullock is one. She was a huge star in the ‘90s, but “Bird Box” doesn’t become the phenomenon it did without Bullock as the star. On top of that, “Sandy” as she is sometimes called, has always seemed pleasant on talk shows appearances. 

Jeff Goldblum

Goldblum is an internet darling. You can go to YouTube where about a dozen different shows have gotten him to show up to do something. He’s quirky and strange, but his eccentricities just make him more popular. If you’re on Goldblum’s wavelength, you almost certainly love him, and enough people are to get him on this list.